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4 Coffee Table Coasters Printed with Celtic Hare & Harvest Moon

4 Coffee Table Coasters Printed with Celtic Hare & Harvest Moon

*Set of 4 Matching Celtic Hare & Harvest Moon
*High Quality Printed Coasters
*Printed with our unique and original art work
*Midnight Blue Background with Dark Purple Flowers
*Ancient Forest Leaping Hare & Harvest Moon
*9 cm x 9 cm
*Glossy Finish
*Heat Resistant and Hard Wearing
*£1 donated from each sale to the WWF

*Free UK Shipping

I'm passionate about creating exciting, high quality, unique and sustainable rustic wood furniture and accessories designed to make your home feel special.

Introducing our new range of high quality coffee table coasters printed with our unique and original artwork designed to compliment our rustic and coastal coffee table designs. My folk inspired art celebrates our natural spiritual connection with nature and our surrounding landscape.  The mysterious and magical hare has been linked to Celtic mythology for centuries and the hare is known for it's mysterious relationship to the moon. These coasters are created to add a special magical touch to your decor as well as protecting your coffee table.  It is also a reminder of how we need to honor and protect our natural environment and the earth.

We are now donating £1 from every sale to the World Wildlife Trust.  A small contribution to safeguard our most cherished wildlife – including endangered species such as rhinos, tigers and turtles – from poaching and habitat loss and over exploitation of our earths natural resources.  Thank you.

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