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NOW SOLD 4 Hand Painted Coastal Sunset Scenes Nautical Coffee Table Coasters

*Set of 4 Individual Wood Coasters

*Now handcrafted to order
*Plain Plywood Backing
*9.5 cm x 9.5 cm
*Individually Hand Painted
*Coastal Ocean Sunset Design
*Little Hand Painted Coastal Beach Scenes
*Varnished to protect, heat and waterproof
*£1 from this sale will go to the World Wildlife Trust.

I'm passionate about creating exciting, high quality, unique and sustainable rustic wood furniture and accessories designed to make your home feel special.

Introducing our range of seascape coasters to compliment our coastal furniture. These fun beach style wooden coasters are handcrafted from our plywood off cuts so nothing goes to waste. Each coaster is then individually hand painted in our multi coloured stripey seascape designs and given a slightly weathered look. Ideal for those inspired by coastal living and relaxing by the sea. Each coaster is individually made and hand painted. No two pieces can ever be the same :-) Each coaster features a different little beach scene against a multi coloured stripey sunset background.  

We are now donating £1 from every sale to the World Wildlife Trust.  A small contribution to safeguard our most cherished wildlife – including endangered species such as rhinos, tigers and turtles – from poaching and habitat loss and over exploitation of our earths natural resources.  Thank you.